November 1, 2017

2016 Annual Service Report

Interfaith has assisted over 550 homeowners each year. We serve low-income homeowners in Mahoning County, but in fact over the past five years 88% of the homes we work in are in the City of Youngstown. In 2016 IHMS completed 631 jobs for qualified low-income homeowners. For these clients, IHMS provided 1,026 units of service (a unit of service is one complete task such as a step of steps, digging a footer or installing decking—a porch replacement may involve 5 units of service, a waterline—two units of service). These jobs included plumbing repairs, furnace repairs, drywall and plastering, lawn mowing and snow removal, hot water tank replacement, main water line replacement and more. Already for 2017, we are on track to match or surpass 2016 job numbers. The need for our services is great, with over 300 applications from homeowners needing our help. Click on the link below to view our 2016 Annual Service Report.

2016 Annual Service Report PDF