Other Jobs

We provide the following services on a limited basis for older clients, who do not have the resources or ability to get this work done any other way. Call us for information on how to sign up for these jobs.  You must meet all eligibility requirements for these services.Lawn mowing: we do lawn mowing for a limited number of elderly clients each year.  This service includes ONLY lawn mowing.  We start mowing lawns in May.  We mow up to twice a month through the middle of September, depending upon weather conditions. We are not able to do other kinds of yard work such as pruning, tree removal, leaf raking or grass raking.

Garden tilling: we will till garden sites for older homeowners.  We do these jobs as soon as the ground is dry enough to work with.  Call us early in the year so that we can put you on the schedule for the current Spring.

Snow removal: we do snow removal on a limited basis for elderly clients who live alone, and folks who depend upon home health services or home delivered meals.  We do not have the ability to clear lengthy driveways.